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Based on a full American Curriculum,  the Rising School offers a natural, holistic, student-centered learning environment that empowers and inspires students to be creative and innovative leaders.

At Rising School Dubai, we make sure that your child will rise against challenges, rise up to greatness and make the world rise to its feet for them. 

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What sets us apart: 
    • The school campus has world-class facilities, including an entire floor dedicated to arts, science and innovation.
    • Our professional, experienced team of teachers and educational advisers are passionately dedicated to providing learning environments that engage and support the emotional and educational well-being of students.
    • Rising School is projected to be a KG1-G12 School of 1800 students studying the American Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards offering a US Accredited High School Diploma.
    • We are proud to announce our partnerships with Lego Education, National Geographic and Apple Education

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